About Us

Providing standards & outstanding
quality care to adults
What drives Us

We incorporate a focus on the whole person and a strengths-based philosophy into the provision of care and support

About Us

Welcome to PeAk ReGain, raising standards and providing outstanding quality care to adults with enduring mental health and learning disabilities in the local communities. We strife to establish a good track record in resettling individuals from NHS hospitals, semi and secure units HMP and YOI.
We provide supported living and semi-independent living accommodation for young people, 18 +. We support people living with Mental Health conditions, Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, NRPF, Asylum Seekers, Care Leavers, Homelessness and any Behaviours that Challenge.
We pride ourselves in encouraging our service users to live the quality of life they deserve without compromise. We are committed to raising standards of care and we work with service users to create a safe and sustainable environment. We support people who use our services to remain connected to their community, access education and activities that are meaningful to them.

Our Mission

At PeAk ReGain, we aim to deliver a high quality, safe, strength based service, promoting and improving independence, ensuring comprehensive person-centred assessments, reviews and interventions whilst ensuring that residents are safeguarded enabling choice and control regarding their accommodation, care and support needs.
We are an organisation that is passionate about our people and understands that richness of diversity is a requirement to provide the best possible services to our communities.
We incorporate a focus on the whole person and a strengths-based philosophy into the provision of care and support.

What drives Us

Support & independent living defines us.

Our Aim

PeAk ReGain (SCS) provides a supported living accommodation pathway with quality services that proactively support recovery by working to ensure clients are equipped with the skills and capacity to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.
We aim to provide services that are: able to meet the needs of these client group, capable of meeting the current and future demand, committed to continuous improvement and best practice. We offer people person-centred support to develop practical daily living skills, and tools for managing their mental health so that they can self-manage and stay well on a longer term.
We support people to manage general housing issues, benefits and finances. Once they are ready to start the process of moving on, we help them to register on housing lists, and to search for and view suitable properties.
Alongside practical skills development, we work alongside people to build tools to manage their day-to-day mental health, identify and protect against triggers, and put in place plans for dealing with a crisis.
We support them to identify and engage with training, volunteering and employment opportunities in line with their personal recovery goals. We also help them to develop hobbies and engage in social activities, building informal and personal support networks to protect against relapse.
Staff are available on site 24hrs to offer support at several points throughout the day and night.

We are passionate about our work and specialise in supporting people in reaching their full potential. Our committed care team combined with a therapeutic and nurturing environment is what allows us to achieve this.

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