Core services

premium support for independence living

Core services Principles

The service provided by PeAk ReGain will be guided by the following principles:


Promoting the independence, choice, dignity, privacy, respect and participation of clients and their Carers


Acknowledging and respecting a client gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health ability, race, religion, culture, social background and lifestyle


Promoting Service User choice, and seeking to maximise the autonomy of the client to have the optimum control over their own lives and the Service provided


Recognising the rights and responsibilities of clients, including the right to take positive risks


Planning and providing the Service in partnership with: Clients, their Carers, families, friends or advocates, and other independent and statutory agencies, to ensure that the Service responds sensitively and flexibly to individual needs.


Ensuring that the client health is monitored and promoted


Working in a collaborative and coordinated way with other Providers (both statutory, voluntary and independent) of health and welfare services


Service provided within an environment with personal dignity and respect.

We are passionate about our work and specialise in supporting people in reaching their full potential. Our committed care team combined with a therapeutic and nurturing environment is what allows us to achieve this.